4. Celine S/S 2000

  5. привет
  6. Howard Hughes “Look it matches your eyes”

    The Aviator (2004)

    Martin Scorsese

  7. Calvin Klein 2001 Spring/Summer

  8. This show holds a special place in my heart.I began watching this show when I first moved to america.Keeping Up Appearances,Mash,Charmed and Dora(don’t ask ) were few of the shows that had helped me as a kid improve my English…..and Spanish!I remember making big cup of hot chocolate and ruining to my parents room to turn on the box set.The show always made me laugh.Often my favourite TV shows becomes my security blanket.I watch it when I want to escape my world and go to somebody else’s.As you grow up you realize that you cant’t hold on to the past.Everything changes.Putting on the KUA box set personally takes me back to the past and reminds me of my childhood.The show always left warm feeling inside me…then again it could have been the hot chocolate.


  9. Blue Is The Warmest Color

    This is honestly one of the best films I’ve seen in a while.The storyline is beautiful yet very raw.The film shows realistic side of love.In life things always change. Nothing is constant. You grow and sometimes that leads to growing apart.Nothing stays the same but it doesn’t mean that the feeling you once possess were not real.


  10. "Close your eyes
    Take deep breath
    Let this moment
    Never end
    You and I
    Against the world
    Blue is the color
    That will never get old
    When we’re done
    I’ll save the memories
    Every drawing
    Every message
    Life goes on my dear
    I promise
    The pain you feel
    Will turn to lightness
    Blue will be the warmest color
    Blue will stand for love she honoured"
    — -Camilla