1. Stromae for Vogue Italia 

    Photo by Philippe Vogelenzang

  2. How beautiful ?

    How beautiful? 

    How beautiful is the human mind?

  3. “I too remember a time when I would turn on the TV and only see pale skin. I got teased and taunted about my night shaded skin. And my one prayer to God, the miracle worker, was that I would wake up lighter skinned.-LN

    Reading this made my heart ache.It made the past demons revisit  me.Growing up mixed you always have a sense of not belonging.You always feel like you have to choose a side.I remember growing up as the only mixed child in town in deep Siberia Russia.The name calling,the glares and worst of all the idea that people could come up to your face and say anything they felt like saying about your skin color is not a treat.I remember wishing to be fully Russian,to have perfectly straight hair and pretty green eyes.I badly wanted to fit it and at young age being outside the box was quite a foreign idea.I remember watching MTV and seeing black performers being embraced and being shown on TV.I was just mesmerised and thought to myself I’m not alone somewhere there are people that I can relate to.The event that stands out to me the most was when our landlords kids were scheduled to come and visit our apartment.I remember they came in and left the room quite shortly.I heard the landlord lady talk to them outside they were refusing to stay any longer due to the Negro sitting in the living room.As a child you can’t do anything about it.The landlord gave some excuse and I saw my grandmother crying.You know to be honest I had it hard but I think my great grandmother had it the worst protecting me from all of the hate and also trying to stay strong for me. Thinking about it how do the family feel when their own blood is victim of racism?When their own child doesn’t like their own skin color and is ashamed of it.The child you created hates their skin and nationality based on others thoughts and comments.It breaks my heart to think some little boy or girl hates their skin colour and prays for it to despair.It is not fair.Why do we have this image of white being beautiful?Yes being white is beautiful but so is being black or mixed or Indian.Any color and any race is beautiful.I know it is sad and can sound cheesy but words are words and actions are actions.If we look at media it is still very much one colored. I do love Lupita’s style,her acting skills,her positivity but what makes me love her is that she is to some little boy or little or even me a 18 girl an inspiration and a role model with whom we can identify.No matter how much racism their is in the world you can’t change the fact that at the end of the day we are all just humans and all are equal.Like it or not.

  4. Moschino F/W 2014

    Yes!Yes!Yes! Just when I lost my hope in F/W collections Milan Fashion Week  picked that hope right  back up.I wanted fun and vibrant and Jeremy delivered!I have to say Jeremy and Moschino are a dream team!I honestly love every piece in this collection. Common look at the detailing and the thought behind every piece.You know Scott and his team had a blast making this fun collection.This is what fashion is about being creative and just fun you don’t have to have bunch of bland pieces walking the catwalk and costing thousands just for the brand and the logo.My favourite outfit is the matching undies and bra layered with that fur coat.I call it the  Moschino Pimp Bitch you wouldn’t  want to mess with her!Great job J.S.

  5. “Um, how tall was Lincoln?…Well, he’s a much more important figure in history and humanity than I am. But we don’t know how tall he was exactly, do we?”

    -Peter Dinklage on height

  6. No Doubt - Don’t Speak

  7. Fun

    I don’t’ know if it’s my nostalgic memories or reality but I really do miss late 90’s and early 2000’s era! Everything was so much funner! The music the fashion the movies.I think it was due to people being to lame for school.Back in those times being outside the box was fun and cool.People experimented with fashion just for the fun of it.Music was made for the people not just for sales.Now even if you dress different like let’s say Gaga your so called weird outfit is still cool and probably made by Versace and cost thousands of dollars. This days we almost scared to be made fun of or look silly.I loved Britney’s old style it was fun and careless yes of curse some of  the styles made worst dress list but at least she  dressed for the fun of it and I have a feeling she really didn’t care.

  8.  Pixie Lott-Nasty 

  9. Ulyana Sergeenko S/14

    To be honest I was really disappointed with the NYFW F/W 14. I never write negative reviews but I found it so danm boring.I get it! It is winter fall but why can’t it be more vibrate and  how do you say it?? FUN!? Even my beloved Alexander Wang failed to deliver with the show consisting of oversized blend jackets.I felt like writing a review anyway  so I went back in time …….well a month back to review my favourite fallow Russian Ulyana Sergeenko.I just have to start off by saying how brilliant this woman is.Her attention to detail and luxury (the real luxury not the logos all over the bag luxury) but a real usage of beautiful and good quality materials is what made her a star.As a Russian I know that for long time our fashion sense has been butt of fashion jokes and not taken seriously at all, so I have big respect for Ulyana and the way  she put our fashion on the map.Now we can easily stand on the same level with the French couture houses.I loved this collection! All of the beautiful silk are just breathtaking,and bringing it back to Russian roots we always hold silk as luxury you see our grandmas pulling out a silk dress on Christmas out of 40 plastic bags which are kept somewhere with 40 locks.I also loved the combination of pant under a dress I found it really chic and bold.The last thing I will say well write..type is that in every collection that she does I can always find a touch of babushkas closet and what they would wear and a homage to our Russian history.

  10. Dr. Danielle Sheypuk

    “I feel like the industry has gotten more accepting of diversity but you never hear of a model in a wheelchair and it’s just ludicrous. I would like the whole spectrum of fashion designers to tune in, all the way up to high fashion like Tory Burch, Gucci and Louis Vuitton because, why not? Many of us have successful careers and we have money and we want to spend it and we want to look good.”

    Dr. Danielle Sheypuk is the FIRST-EVER model in a wheelchair to grace a catwalk at NYFW. Many would say that this is inspirational.Yes this has never been done before and now she will be celebrated but we people often like to do that. We go about our day and live in a bubble of the society norm. In that bubble everything is fitted for that ideal image. A lot of people then are outsiders since they don’t  fit in. Every now and then that outsider gets recognized which then is followed by a big prise by the society. Words like brave,inspirational,unique on and on follows.I just don’t understand we are in 2014 and yet we still find it inspiring that  a wheel chaired model graced the cat walk.When will it just be normal?When will the society stop chasing the image or live in the bubble and open their eyes and realize our society is build out of different people? Legalized gay rights rights,woman being able to vote,wheel chaired model being on cat walk should not be Oh Wow That’s  Inspirational but should just be simply  normal to us!It should be normal for wheel chaired woman to be a model common it’s 2014.We are all humans and all different and all deserve same respect and rights. Last fact I don’t understand when will the designers and fashion media understand the clothes is bought by all different types of people not models?When you want to put that so called plus size model on cat walk to make a statement  don’t they realize it’s not statement but reality? We all come in different sizes and shapes.Instead of putting a models size 0 which is fine add models of all sizes. Like it or not this won’t change we all will always be different sizes so you might as well just join in instead of painting one stroke on a big canvas which we all know is uncompleted and is missing  few more…..a lot of strokes. Embrace the reality!